Emergency Dental Care

Broken tooth or filling

If you happen to chip your front tooth or break a back tooth, this can become a dental emergency. As well as aesthetically displeasing, sharp edges can hurt the tongue or cheeks; also, can expose the inner dentin causing severe sensitivity.

We will book you in to assess the damage, then advise the treatment needed. If the broken tooth is located at the back of the mouth, a filling (restoration) would normally be enough to resolve on the same day. For any excessive damage to the teeth, we’ll need to assess and provide you with relevant options including benefits and risks involved. We’ll ensure you leave our practice after treatment with a restored smile.


Toothache can be very painful, as anyone who has suffered it can advise. Normally described as a sharp pain that can start throbbing and sometimes radiating to the head and side of the face. This happens when decay spreads to pulp of the tooth causing inflammation

If the pain is ignored or subdued by taking painkillers instead of booking an emergency appointment, the inflammation and infection can spread to the bone and gums. This can also lead to swelling of the face. When you book in to see us, we will numb the tooth and relieve the pressure that has built up to alleviate the pain there and then. After this, we will discuss the long -term prognosis of the tooth and the various options available to you.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess can be due to the pulpal infection not being treated, or even due to poor gum health around a specific tooth. The bacteria migrate from your gums to the supporting bone and this destruction leads to pus formation that you will notice as a small swelling or lump on your gums. Other symptoms can be foul odour or salty taste in the mouth which normally indicates the abscess draining pus.

Our dentist will treat the issue promptly by either draining the abscess, cleaning the area or by prescribing antibiotics. This will decrease the bacterial load, allowing treatment of the affected area in the future.

Broken Crown or Bridge

A loose or broken crown or bridge can occur when the core build -up material weakens or is damaged. It can also sometimes be the cement used has dissolved and caused the crown or bridge to come away. We at white cross will be able to offer the best emergency treatment, offering to re-cement or bond the crown back on if this is possible. If its not possible to re-cement i.e. there is too much damage to the core structure, we can discuss options for a new crown or bridge.

You’re welcome to visit our practice whether we fitted the original crown or bridge, or if you got it done elsewhere.

Wisdom tooth pain

With our jaw sizes becoming smaller, wisdom teeth may not be able to erupt properly and then get locked into the jaw or appear in an unsuitable position.

If this happens, it can be difficult to clean properly, leading to plaque build-up. Wisdom teeth decay will then cause pain and swelling of the gum region, called pericoronitis.

Our dentists will be able to assess your wisdom teeth, and offer same day resolutions to this, ranging from simple cleaning to antibiotic prescription or extraction. We can also do this under IV sedation to make the process as stress- free as possible.


A very painful and distressing type of dental issue is from the result of trauma, such as an accident. These injuries range from

  • tooth being pushed out of alignment.
  • fractured teeth.
  • teeth completely knocked out of position.
  • jawbone fractures.
  • injuries to the soft tissue.

During your emergency dentist appointment, a thorough examination will be needed, and this will check the head, neck and face to rule out any muscle or tissue damage. The jaws and TMJ will be examined and we may need to take a large radiograph to rule out any fractures.

Do not hesitate to call us as soon as possible to avoid further complications from the initial injury. Our team will advise how to best manage the trauma depending on its extent.

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