Root Canal Therapy

At White Cross, we offer the very latest in endodontic technology and services. We are one of the few centres that offer root canal therapy treatment using a laser to ensure the highest standard of treatment.

A tooth has a core of blood vessels and nerves at its centre, this living tissue is called pulp and it is in the space called a root canal, and the number of canals a tooth has varies, depending on how far back the tooth is in the mouth. Your front teeth often have one root canal, and back teeth have three or more.

If your tooth’s pulp is damaged, the blood vessels may die; this results in a dead tooth, and the pulp becomes infected.

There are a number of ways a tooth can be damaged, these include;

  • Injury
  • Decay
  • Gum disease

All of these conditions can lead to bacteria getting trapped in your teeth. Then there is a possibility that the tooth pulp will become infected, causing blood vessels and nerves to die.

If left untreated, a collection of pus (an abscess) can form at the end of the root. This can lead to pain and swelling and may cause damage to the bone and your tooth.

The aim of treatment is to remove all the damaged pulp and bacteria that is causing infection in the root canal. This involves removing of dead nerves and blood vessels from the tooth.

This is done by numbing the area round the tooth.Then the tooth is drilled to create an opening into the root canal

The infected tissue is then removed and the canal is cleaned,filled with a special packing material. It is strongly advised that a tooth that has undergone root therapy is fitted with a crown in order to improve the appearance and also makes it more likely that the root canal treatment is successful.

Laser Root Canal

Is a revolutionary method of cleaning and disinfecting the root canal, a deeply penetrating laser wavelength is utilized to decontaminate the root canal.

  • Faster, safer and more effective root therapy
  • Healing is much faster
  • Treatment time is shorter
  • Fewer follow up visits may be required
  • Higher success rate

A high peak pulse power of laser plays an important role as it induces maximum disinfecting temperature pulsing for eliminating bacteria.

This dramatically improves the outcome of the root canal treatment.

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