Functional orthodontics

Functional orthodontics consists of not only straightening a person’s teeth but also repositioning the upper and lower jaws to create a better profile. Instead of removing crowded teeth, the jaw is expanded to make room for them. When appliances are worn to widen both the jaws, it makes for a more balanced profile.

It also helps to expand the sinus and correct sleep apnoea or breathing problems. However, these appliances are non-removable and must be kept in place for a specified time. But the results are well worth the effort involved!

Treatment usually occurs in two phases:

Phase 1: patients are fitted with oral appliances to develop the upper and lower jaws, generally for about 9 months.

Phase 2: After the jaws have developed and the permanent teeth have come through, patient wear traditional braces to straighten their teeth, if needed. Treatment time typically lasts another 12 to 18 months.

So, the Benefits:

  • Not only straight teeth but also a beautiful face and smile.
  • Correct sleep and breathing disorders.
  • Avoid removing permanent teeth.

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